Known for professionalism, Chin Shauy stands out for her charisma and artistic style.

Graduated in Information Technology and Capital Markets, she has worked in some of the largest international banks as an IT manager. She has also executive specializations in the American Universities such as NYU and Harvard. However, three years ago, Photography became her passion. She just loved it and cannot stop photographing. Then now she uses her criativity and talent to dedicate herself exclusively to turn the dream of all her customers into reality.

Currently she has a vast portfolio in Brazil and United States, and she created her own style: Mix of Photojournalism, Luxury and Art. A smile, a tear, a look, a care and a kiss all are captured by her lenses, in an amazing and natural way, and then edits each of them carefully in post-production. And the final art is a beautiful and elegant album which will make future generations feel all the emotions of that big day as if they were there.

Chin said:

 “I am always very happy when I see my customers thrilled to receive my photos. Every sigh, every tear of happiness, every compliment I receive, makes me realize that I am in the right way!”